Can You Really Trust Company Leadership




Can You Really Trust Company Leadership



Trust – it’s a word we don’t usually throw around lightly in business. In network marketing, your trust must be earned by company leadership including your sponsor. What can help you know if you can really trust company leadership?

In our article, “Secret Tool Helps You Choose Your Business” we talked about how the timing of a business’s life cycle is important.

The article “[Warning] 4 Secrets to Choosing the Right Network Marketing Company” identified the four areas of business that you must trust to make the right decision.

Today’s article gives you three immediately usable tips to evaluate company leadership. Is this a company you can trust?

Executive Leadership Experience 

Michael Jordan, the famous basketball player, known as Can We Really Trust Company Leadership“His Airness” was once trusted by his loyal fans. Touted the best of the best, Michael overcame adversity by sheer determination and practice. He rose in the ranks of professional players to be the best of his time.

When Michael decided to take a break from the Bulls organization to pursue his dream of playing professional baseball what happened? He failed miserably, his fans lost their trust in Michael. He returned to the basketball court going on to collect three more championship rings before retiring.

Like Michael Jordan, the leadership and executive staff of any company must work hard to earn the trust of business partners, distributors, and customers alike. No one wants to follow someone who feeds them a line of bull, right?

All it takes is a little research to find out if those at the top are “real” or not. Take the time to check them out for yourself. Don’t just accept what the company or your sponsor says.

Company finances

When you begin searching for a company to join, it’s wise to know how financially Can You Really Trust Company Leadershipstable they are. You certainly wouldn’t want to jump on board a sinking ship, right?

For over 16 years I was part of a network marketing company without knowing it’s financial status. The office and distribution center was nice, it served its purpose. The executives looked good and drove nice cars. To the average distributor like you and me, everything looked good.

That company was a privately held company. They are still in business today, operating … who knows if they are profitable, growing or dying. That company’s finances are not public. There is no way to determine if the numbers they report are true or not.

When a company is publicly held, all finances and operations are transparent, open for public scrutiny.

Public versus private

Next on the list of “must check” is whether the company is privately held or open to the public.

Before I learned Business 101 in the School of Hard Can We Really Trust Company LeadershipKnocks, I trusted in one man’s word. I did not do my research, heck, I didn’t even know all of the above to know to do research. 

You can check with:

  • Better Business Bureau
  • Their listing on NASDAQ (National Association Securities Dealers Automated Quotes) – check their stock price and history
  • Google Scholar to view published papers on product research and results
  • Visit the U.S. National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, known as to research scientific data approved by accredited universities worldwide.

By using the information above you will be able to trust in the company leadership. You’ll know that you chose the right network marketing company for you.

If this helped you or if you have any questions leave a comment below. If you have found other areas to research how to trust company leadership please share. By helping each other our community will grow stronger, more profitable and others will want to join us, too.


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