Top Twelve Weight Loss Tips To Get You Up and Moving

The work week ended, the weekend came and went… And…look what I found… the top twelve weight loss tips to get you up and moving!

What did you do to increase your metabolism and promote your weight management program? We had a relaxing, working weekend…yes, working can be relaxing, especially when it is work you don’t do daily! (hubby usually does this, so it was relaxing to ME) he he, sshhh, don’t tell him I told you… First of all we started off getting the laundry out of the way…we had ordered some new pillows for the bed and I wanted clean sheets to go with new pillows!

Dishes were next, watering the lawn and plants, finishing up computer work and then off to play, shop and eat! Eat?  Yes, eat…that is how I maintain my healthy weight management plan.

Weight management is such a huge topic today.

From us grandmothers to young teens it’s the rage. We all are so focused on how we look…we pay no mind to how we feel or even worse how sick our bodies really are! Imagine how much money is spent to look good! Even more, think about how much money is spent, again and again, when the cycle repeats itself. I call this yo-yo dieting, I’ve done it my whole life. We loose weight, we gain it all back plus a few and then start all over again, no wonder our metabolism is all messed up. Sound familiar?

Imagine if… you could put together a plan that would once and for all put an end to that cycle! What would you be willing to do to make that happen? Let’s look at some specific tips we can add to our daily routine to get to our destination…a healthy body, that not only looks good, but operates at it’s peak!

A myth that we need to dispel first… * A calorie is a calorie

Most doctors are taught this in school. Were you aware that the majority of doctors have only 3 hours of training in nutrition? A new study finds physicians’ nutrition education lacking – “A new study indicating that 60 percent of medical schools in the United States are not meeting minimum recommendations for their students’ nutrition education offers more reasons for consumers to seek food and nutrition advice from the experts…”

Is a calorie a calorie? Absolutely not, this is simply NOT true. Calories are not the same for you and me. You may exercise more than I do. Athletes bodies utilize calories very differently from you and me, even when we exercise. How you ask? A trained athlete, like a ball player, burns calories very differently from the stay at home mom who exercises to the Jazzercise video. Hormonal imbalance can affect how you burn and save calories, too. This indicates that we need to balance out our hormones to attain our weight loss, too. Matter of fact, until I got my hormones straightened out, I couldn’t lose a pound if I ate celery for a week! Once my hormones weren’t whacky anymore, then the pounds started melting like butter.

Do you know what “saved” calories are? I didn’t either until I read some of these articles and then I got mad…these are the calories that our bodies save, and they are known as FAT!

* The latest research shows… We all know that to lose weight and keep it off we must restrict the amount of food we eat and get up and move, exercise. What we don’t need to do is go on a specific “diet” to lose this weight.

Each time we diet, we are programming our mind that we are “doing without”. We all know what that does…makes us want it all the more. When we feel deprived we will do exactly the opposite of what we want to do…automatically.

Let’s look at the top twelve weight loss tips to get us up and moving

  • Keep a food diary. After we’ve eaten our meal, record what we’ve put in our mouth. Record how you were feeling at the time   (your emotional state) This will help you see where your eating habits come from.
  • Drink an 8 ounce glass of water before each meal. Remember, we need at least 8 eight ounce glasses of water throughout the day. (the more active you are the more water you need, up to 12 eight ounce glasses per day)
  • Change your dinner plate for a salad plate. This will convince your mind that you have eaten a full sized meal.
  • After each mouthful, lay down your fork or spoon. Don’t pick it up again until you have chewed your food and swallowed.
  • Take a sip of water between each mouthful of food (at least every other mouthful)
  • Enjoy and savor each morsel of food. As you eat and chew, savor the flavor and texture. Don’t swallow until the flavor is gone.
  • Carry a water bottle with you. Each time you want to eat something, take a drink instead. Especially those of us who work at a computer all day and feel the need to fill the mouth.
  • Brush your teeth between meals. This takes the temptation to eat away and will discourage eating between meals.
  • Don’t keep finger foods in the house. Want a snack? Force yourself to eat only with a fork or spoon.
  • Only eat in the dining room at the table. If you must snack, sit at the table until you have finished eating. Even use your own place mat, this will program your mind that it is time to eat and your body will relax and enjoy it’s meal.
  • Picture yourself as you want to be, not as you are. I have a picture of a model that is the weight I want to be. I keep it on the refrigerator and look at it every time I open the door. (be realistic with this, mine is a small plus size woman, not a “Twiggy” teen)
  • Remember, non-diet soda and alcoholic beverages contain lots of calories. If you must drink them, sip slowly.

Keep in mind, each of us are individuals. We may need to adjust plus or minus from the above examples according to our personal weight, needs and circumstances. Do the best you can do, don’t focus on what you can’t do…focus on what you did right and celebrate that!

So, now we have a plan. We are NOT going to diet, we are going to change the way we think, act and eat. We are going to take baby steps, one, two, three…it  took me months to get my plan going and to see results. Today I am 21 pounds slimmer, 4 sizes smaller and well on my way to my goal. I know you can do it! Together managing our weight will be fun, rewarding and in the end…I will have healthy, excited friends who will be living a life of adventure for a long time.

Do what you must do to put your plan into action, then relax and live your life. Let’s do this together and start living our adventure today! Until next time…

Helping Turn Back the Clock,

Carla J Gardiner

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