Got time to be stuck in a rut? 3 tips to live spontaneously




Got time to be stuck in a rut?

3 tips to live spontaneously


The alarm clock rings at 5:30 A.M. slapping the snooze button only prolongs the agony.

Ten more minutes of blissful sleep then I will get up. Sound familiar?

This was my life ten years ago. I had almost forgotten what it is like to have to get up every day to the ringing of the alarm clock. Thinking back, I remember one morning when I was mindlessly driving to work and almost hit another car.


Daily routine before working from home


My life before coming home to work was much like everyone else’s. I woke to the alarm clock, stumbled to make coffee, hopped in the shower and woke the kids. We ate Got time to be stuck in a rut? 3 tips to live spontaneouslybreakfast while I packed their lunches then climbed into the car and off we went. Our week was pretty much the same boring routine day in and day out. The only difference between the kids and me was they wanted to go to school to play with their friends, I did not.

That fateful morning when I almost hit another car, woke me up. I realized I had been going through the motions of living, not really living. I hated my job and did not really like the people I worked with. The paycheck was less than enough to pay the bills.

However, in my mind we needed that money no matter how little it provided. I had no confidence in my abilities and no vision of building a business. Besides, people like me do not have money, education or contacts to be a business owner. Has anyone ever told you that or something along those lines?


For more than twenty years, I worked for someone else building their customer base, building his or her portfolio and profits. I had lost my dream of living a happy life. Life had become like a railroad car on the tracks…predictably boring. I was simply working for a paycheck to put food on the table and a roof over my family’s head. I found myself stuck in a rut.

One day while shopping at the grocery store a friend asked me how I was doing. General question, right? However, when you are in a mood (you know the mood I am talking about) it only takes one question to open the floodgates of your emotions. My innermost thoughts and feelings poured out, my frustrations and yes, even my dreams buried for years. That question was the catalyst that jerked me out of my stupor, it made me think and eventually act to change the course of my life.


Coming home to work helped pull me out of the rut


It did not take long to get out of the rut once I started working from home. It has been a real journey in personal growth for me from where I was back then to where I am today. However, the reality is this. Every day I get to wake up when I wake up with no alarm clock shocking me out of the nightmare and into the reality of working for someone else. No more working with people I do not like or agree with and the best part is no more working just for a paycheck that is a joke at best.

Now I live my life spontaneously. Sure, I work hard to build my business. There is structure; there are many days with long hours. However, when I want to be a grandma, baby-sit the kids or go on a trip with the family I just do it. If a friend calls and wants to have coffee and talk, I just do it. If I feel like taking an afternoon nap (rarely happens anymore since using supplements) I just do it.

The difference in the quality of life living stuck in a rut versus living spontaneously has no comparison. Imagine stress headaches being a thing in your past instead of having one daily. Imagine sleeping through the night without nightmares about the job you hate. Instead, your dreams are vivid, colorful dreams of what your fun future now holds. Imagine having enough money to do what you want when you want.


Imagine your life working from home and not stuck in a rut


Now that your imagination has awakened here are three tips to help you live spontaneously instead of staying stuck in a rut.


  • Spirituality – get in touch with your spirituality. We are all born with a physical Got time to be stuck in a rut? 3 tips to live spontaneouslybody that needs exercise to thrive. Likewise, our inner body or our spirit needs to be exercised, too. Take time to find out who you are, what you believe and then develop that relationship. After all, you cannot give to others what you do not possess.






  • Priorities write down your priorities in order of importance to you. No one can tell Got time to be stuck in a rut? 3 tips to live spontaneouslyyou how or what YOUR priorities should be or which one should be higher than another should. Stick to your priority list, giving attention to the time you have allotted for each priority and then move to the next one. When you give your priorities the proper time and energy your life will run smoothly, you will be happier and feel more fulfilled.



  • Work, Fun, Rest have some fun, lighten up. All of us must work to provide for Got time to be stuck in a rut? 3 tips to live spontaneouslyour family. We all have a home, food and life’s necessities to pay for. Some of us may be “workaholics”; some “just want to get by” while others like to “play more than work”. The key is BALANCE. Work when you work as  if working from home yourself. Play hard like when you were 5 years old on the school playground. Rest when its time to rest and do not feel guilty about it.



I hope that the three tips to living spontaneously will help you imagine your life working from home instead of stuck in a rut. What are your thoughts and tips on existing, stuck in a rut versus living spontaneously? Leave your comments below.


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