Kindness, Today, Tomorrow ForeverToday as I was getting ready for the day, a thought popped into my head while I was praying. Yes, I start every morning with a silent prayer for my family, my congregation, my friends and for me. One word kept coming back into my prayer and that word was kindness.

In today’s world, it seems there is a lack of kindness. As I sat sipping my Café du Monde coffee this morning I meditated on the why of the matter. Visions of the news on TV kept creeping into my thoughts; school shootings, drug overdoses, suicides, hikers lost only to be found dead…there’s no kindness in those reports, only sadness.

So, today, my prayer for myself was to be aware, to be kind, to everyone I meet, talk with, socialize with … everyone. Regardless of the circumstances or how the conversation goes…my objective is to exercise being kind to them. No one knows what is going on in a person’s life except that person. If they choose to not share, then no else will know of their troubles. Showing kindness is free, all it takes is effort.

As I finished putting on my jewelry, brushing my hair and sipping the last drop of my coffee I caught a glimpse of me in the mirror. Yep, there it is … a kind smile looking back at me. Prayers answered, thank you.

Today, make it your goal to make someone else’s day. Who knows your kind word, a gentle smile or soft touch may be the only one someone gets…you may just make their day, save their life or inspire them to pay it forward and pass it on to another.