After working for over a week sending friends, family, and business associates information on this product I wondered …

WHY? Why do we wait to share the good news?

I wondered if it was the fear of rejection, being made fun of, or was it something else?

But, the good news is this for you and for me. By helping others, putting their needs first I forgot all about those things. Never once did I think that they might call me names; nope. I wasn’t afraid of anyone rejecting me because I wasn’t selling anything, duh! However, I discovered I WAS afraid of what it might look like if I succeeded; if more than one or two wanted what I loved.


So, what was it that got all of that attention, to begin with? The picture in this post and the following statement I made attracted the attention of over 70 people and the requests are still coming in for information.

“I LOVE this product. I went from hair so thin you could see my scalp to more hair than I can handle (verifiable with my stylist, lol), nails that split if I looked at them and now I have to cut and file weekly; and splotchy, dull skin that made me look older than I am at 63 to healthy, glowing skin without any “products or makeup” within 3 months. Now, I’ve learned that it does so much more…color me happy”.

With that, if you’d like to learn more about this amazing good news just click HERE