Warning Exposed Secrets of Consumable Network Marketing Business

[Warning] Exposed Secrets of Consumable, Network Marketing Business


Last week’s article highlighted four secrets to choosing the right network marketing business. Each of those secrets holds a key to a business’s longevity.

As promised this article will dig deeper into one of those secrets. It will be like pulling back the curtain on the Wizard of Oz. By the end of this post you’ll understand why it’s important to choose a business with a consumable, unique and exclusive product or service. 

What is a consumable product or service?

By definition consumable means – may be used up, expendable, take in as food

Warning Exposed Secrets of Consumable Network Marketing Business

As a savvy business owner, you want to choose a business that markets consumable products. Your customer will use these products regularly.

Let’s take a look at two examples of network marketing businesses; one sells consumable products the other does not. 

  • Company A sells supplements, canine health, and anti-aging skin cream. Each month thousands of customers re-order the products of their choice by setting up a monthly auto-ship. It’s convenient for them. This service saves them money. They never run out of your products. As the business owner, you don’t have to worry about stocking inventory or making deliveries. Your customer loves using your consumable products monthly. Your profits increase as your customer base increases each month.

Warning Exposed Secrets of Consumable Network Marketing Business 

  • Company B sells fun things like ladies purses or jewelry. Women love to shop for these items but how many purses or pieces of jewelry can a woman own? (I know this is arguably at best) These items are not consumable products nor are they expendable. Many times a customer will make a one time purchase only. As the business owner of this company you are constantly looking for new customers to sell to and your income is limited. This type of business relies on consistent one-time sales versus repeated sales to the same customer.

Is the product unique?

There are many companies in the market today. All of Warning Exposed Secrets of Consumable Network Marketing Businessthem are trying to get a piece of the pie, their fair share of your customer’s business. When you are researching a product or service you’ll want to make sure it’s unique, different from every other similar product. If you are interested in nutritional supplements ask yourself what sets yours apart from all others? If your interests lie in services like social media coaching, insurance, and investments or legal services why would they do business with you?

Your chances of building a successful business in today’s economy depend on many factors. Making sure you offer a unique, consumable product line or service is paramount to long-term success. 

Is the product or service exclusive to your business?

You may find the rights to market a product are not exclusive. Why is that important to you, the prospective business owner?

Imagine investing (for sake of example) $1,000.00 to purchase a small amount of inventory and some marketing materials. You are excited to share your new-found business with those you trust and care about.  At your open house, the best friend whispers in your ear that they just bought your product at XYZ store down the street.

How do you feel hearing that information? Warning Exposed Secrets of Consumable Network Marketing Business

Sick? Absolutely. Now your investment is either going down the drain or it’s going to get very expensive to continue in business. Why? Because you will have to invest even more to advertise to try to compete with the bigger company. You may not even be able to compete because the big chain stores move product volume that you can not.

So, make sure that the marketing rights, the patents, and formulas are exclusive to YOUR company, not some big box company.

When you use the secrets understood by savvy businessmen and women you’ll set yourself apart. Many new business owners may be in the dark when it comes to these secrets. YOU will have drawn back that curtain like Dorothy did in Oz. Researching the consumable, the unique and exclusive product line will enable you to launch your own network marketing business on solid facts instead of emotion.

Share this article with your friends who may be searching for tips on how to find the secrets of a consumable network marketing business.

If you have done your research and are ready to join me in building your business, contact me. If you have questions about any of the 4 secrets to building a network marketing business leave your comment below. I’ll get back with you as possible.


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