Number 1 Stop Being Selfish Help Other People

“Day 3 of 100 – What I learned about helping others “

It’s Friday night! I feel old and twisted good golly molly. What is with me? It’s been a long day, guys! I just need a little bit of fun. Have your eyes ever felt like they were burning? There must’ve been grass or something in the air today because mine was on fire. This is day 3 of 100 and I want to share what I learned about good old number 1 and helping other people.

My name is Carla Gardiner, I’m known as the Fiery Grandma because I work at home leading men and women to have more fun. Funny fact – guys already know how to have fun, lots of fun; isn’t that weird? Have you ever wondered why many women don’t have fun as often or as much? That is why I lead women to have more fun; learning how to update their outdated wardrobe using affordable fashionable jewelry. How fun is that?

What did I learn today?

My day started off with regular work. I needed to serve my customers and truck drivers. Being self-employed, I am always thinking of number 1 while serving other people. Sometimes, it simply doesn’t feel that way. And sometimes you, meaning me, tend to forget that you are in a service industry and your feelings need to come second to your customer’s needs, after all that’s what they are paying you for. That was reminder #1 for me today.

Secondly, I was able to serve my community via a phone campaign. Although I didn’t talk to anyone personally, I was able to leave an important message. And as I sat, listened and read the message I was leaving, it dawned on me that when I have information or knowledge about something someone else doesn’t know, it is not right to not share with other people. Quite frankly, I can think of two, day to day examples that drive that point home.

One example looks like this: looking out my office window I see the house across the street is on fire. Do I sit here thinking of only number 1 and watch it burn? Heck no! Calling the fire department then running over to pound on the door to make sure the neighbours aren’t in their home is the right thing to do. I’m obligated to help my neighbours, right? Maybe I can’t save the home but I can save the human in the home.

What if the dam upstream breaks? What if you live down the river from that dam; like where I used to live in California? What if an elderly neighbor wasn’t listening or watching the news and an emergency broadcast was announced, warning residents in specific areas that they had 15 minutes to evacuate. Would I grab my stuff thinking of only number 1 and run for the hills? Or would I grab my stuff, hit the neighbors surrounding me and try to get them to go with me? Shoot yeah! I’m going to try to help them, right?

I learned what is important to me today; helping others is my life’s mission. Being in and of service helping other people is everyone’s obligation don’t you feel that way, too? I’m sure, from childhood we’ve all been taught to help others; but, we get so wrapped up in the day to day comings and goings of life that we forget what’s really important in life sometimes.

I bought out time to go do something for my community today without thinking about myself, without worrying about making money or paying bills; that can all wait. My neighbour, my fellow community members are more important than trivial things like that.

If this message resonates with you share this article and video with someone you care about.  Share your thoughts and ways that you serve others whether daily, weekly or occasionally, each act of kindness is important and deserves to be shared.

Day 3 of 100