No Calling in Sick – You Are the Chief Cook and Bottle Washer


No calling in sick – you are the chief cook and bottle washer


Calling all chief cooks and bottle-washers! No calling in sick for you, no sir.


A few weeks ago I posted an article entitled “50 Things I Wish I Knew Before Going Into Business For Myself”. On that list, tip # 11 actually was “No calling in sick – you are the chief cook and bottle washer”.

Well, I thought I’d share with you today how exactly that works in the real world of working from home.


Flying high to feeling low

Monday started off like any other Monday, crazy busy. First there is always the customer with an emergency that pops up over the weekend. Fires are something you just get good at putting out…eventually.

Next, there is the Monday morning motivational team call. These calls are the kindling to light my fire for the week. There are always brand new business partners sharing business tips they learned at the monthly training in their local areas. If you are on Facebook you saw the business tip graphic I made using one of their tips on the call.

Checking over the to-do list keeps me on track and off of Facebook needlessly. Sure I need to answer messages and make sure there are blog posts for everyone to read and share; but, if you are like me you can easily get sucked into spending way too much time looking at pictures and engaging in chit chat.

After a few customer phone calls and one to my truck driver, we had an unexpected group of visitors. Yes, my son, his girlfriend and the kids. Oh boy, how can grandma resist getting to spend time with those kids? So, I finished up the paperwork and orders that needed processing and left the office to eat lunch with my family.

The benefits of working at home for yourself is that your lunch hour can be however long you want it to be…mine turned into two hours plus. Around break-time, I excused myself to lie down…just for a little bit. I didn’t wake up until the next day. Yes, I slept right where I laid my pretty little head down.

The sad part is I didn’t get to say goodbye to the kids. The funny part is income continued to come in whether I was at my desk or asleep on the couch.


Remembering when makes the medicine go down little easier

My husband and I reminisced tonight as we ate dinner remembering the few times that I called in sick when I worked at the bank. My supervisor was always making me feel guilty for not coming in, sick or not. So, of course, in I would go and share whatever I had with every other human I came in contact with. It’s no wonder sickness, disease, fatigue and depression are so rampant today. Goodness sakes people. Have a heart.

One and a half days I slept, visited the bathroom and more… (I’ll leave that to your imagination) and didn’t feel guilty one bit. Working for yourself, at home enables you to work hard when you need to work. You can take time to rest, recuperate when you find yourself stricken with a bug or simply just need to regroup.

When you have the right tools, the right people to work with, it enables you to have an income that continues to provide for you and your family. No calling in sick when you are the chief cook and bottle washer and you work at home? No worries about what the boss will say if you need that day off…just take the time to get better and get back to work doing what you love to do…at home.

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