Executive Health Balanced With Happiness
Executive health balanced with happiness isn’t so easy…
Life has a way of giving us what we don’t expect sometimes. It is so precious and sometimes because we get so caught up in the rat race of trying to get ahead that we don’t often stop and enjoy life along the way.

I’ve received two emails from as many friends in as many days this week. They’ve drawn my attention to different aspects of my life.
One was a nice visual note from my friend Susan over at Forest Hill Soaps. She reminded me to stop and smell the roses, or in this case the sunflowers. To look at what the world has to offer and enjoy it along the way.
The second was a more sober note from my friend Denny Hagel. She shared a personal story about a family friend. It reminded me that life is fragile and short, too short. We never know when today might be the last day we spend here with our family. 

Thinking about this made me reflect on my life, how I’ve lived it and what I want to do with the rest of it. I’ve had lots of good things happen in my life and more than my fair share of tragedy, too. 

Trying to find the executive balance in the whole thing I found myself unbalanced, out of focus and ended up sick. I forgot the most important part of my life, my family.
Working daily and building my business I forgot to stop and smell the roses. I forgot who I was working and building my business for. I got so wrapped up in the dream of it all that I forgot to pay attention to myself, my family and my body. 

So, today I’m stopping for a bit. In reflection balance is what will keep us happy, healthy and moving in a positive direction. Unbalanced action in any venture is a surefire recipe to crash and burn, just like I did 14 years ago.

In the flicker of one moment my husband, kids and grand-kids came into focus. They are my reason for working so hard, for picking myself back up when I crash. They are what make me the happiest in what can be a harsh, cruel world.

Today is the first day of setting boundaries, balancing the act so to speak. Today it is time to take care of not only my physical body, but my mind, too. If I don’t…my friends may be sharing my life’s story with someone else tomorrow just as prematurely as they shared about their friends with me today. 

Life is too short to not take charge of our health, physically and mentally for those we love and care about. What about you?
Did you see yourself in any way above as I described my life? Find your balance, take charge of your health and live your life as if tomorrow were your last day.
Share your love with your family and friends. Show them you really care. Take time with those kids, what if there is no tomorrow.
Work will wait, you can always make another dollar, but you may not get another chance to say “I love you”. There may not come another hug and a walk down the tree covered lane.

Our kids and grand-kids are not going to remember us for the businesses we built. They will remember the walk on the beach, the game of tag we played or the pretend tea party we had together.

Those are the times and the things they will remember. The best part of that is it is FREE. But, if we don’t have our executive health, both physical and mental, then we can’t even participate in something that’s free, can we? 

Stop the insanity! Before the crash comes the warning signs of living an unbalanced life. Assess where you are. What do you do to take care of yourself daily?
By taking care of you first, you are setting the example for your children and grand children to follow. A balanced life, both physically and mentally, is the best gift we can give.
It all starts by taking that first step…taking charge of your executive health first.
Here to Serve,
Carla J Gardiner
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