Adam was the first man to teach Eve how to mend a broken heart.
From the beginning of time mankind was designed by our creator to be with other people. Adam had Eve and so began the human family here on earth, born to be companions to each other. Did Adam have a broken heart that he needed Eve to mend? Not likely, but then they did eat from the best garden known to mankind, right?
Speaking of gardens, eating and hearts – lets fast forward hundreds of centuries to our time. Next add the stresses of today, economic hard times, family issues and you have a recipe destined for broken hearts, in more than one sense.
Mending a broken heart is easy when we correct the way we look at certain areas of our lives in the right way.
Our heart is the very core of our being…it can be treacherous when we are in love. It provides the beat for the very life we live and it can be broken when someone hurts us. Our heart can even be broken when we eat ourselves into oblivion with the diet and foods of today.
This has never been so evident and in front of me as it has been this past week and past few years. I'd like to share with you three stories.
The names have been changed to protect my friends and family. But, none the less all three examples are REAL people who made real choices and decisions.
Friend number one, we'll call him Tom for now…
Tom was living life large. Working hard and raising a family took all he had. Being self-employed he grabbed what he could, when he could. Tom rarely paid attention to the foods that he ate, the portions or the proper balance of his diet.
In his mid to late 50's Tom had discovered nutrition too, that's where we met. As he started taking his nutritional supplements and making small changes to his diet, he thought all would be well and he wouldn't have to worry about any health issues at all.
One day though his vision started doing really weird things. He started to feel really different. A friend who worked in radiology happened to see Tom. As Tom shared his symptoms his friend told him to get to the ER – immediately.
Tom did as he was told and it was a good thing…4 out of 5 arteries were 100% blocked! Tom was on his way to a MASSIVE heart attack.
My friend was saved by the bell and his dear friend. After surgery and a clean bill of health Tom continued to use his nutritional supplements to prevent further blockage.
Now I must admit that heart disease and cholesterol don't really have what I would call "signs" when something is about to go wrong. Matter of fact, in learning about nutrition and our body I found out that the most common indicator of a heart attack is…you are dead on the ground.

Wow! All this time I thought you had pain down your arm, in your chest, some sort of weird headache, you know all the common symptoms we've  been taught. Not so, isn't that scary? No warning…just heart attack, drop and you are dead. No second chance, nothing.

The latest report…Tom, 14 years later, has a clean bill of health, no blocked arteries and thanks to those supplements is living a life full of adventure and solid, good health.

Now that is one happy ending and a good decision to mending a broken heart.

Friend number 2, we'll call him Sam.

Sam has never believed in vitamins or nutritional supplements. He has pretty much been skeptical his whole life. He doesn't like change and he especially doesn't like to change things that he likes and has known for all of his adult life.

Sam is also a hard working man, providing for his family and living a full life, too. Now, in Sams case he had surgery and the doctors implanted a stint to help his heart.

They cleaned out the arteries, implanted the stint and sent him home. This episode scared Sam enough that he decided to add some nutritional supplements to his daily regimen. He started to feel better, had more energy and even lost a little weight.

As the years progressed though, Sam did not change his eating habits or the foods that he was used to eating all those years. In spite of exercising, taking vitamins and getting plenty of rest, now Sam is facing yet another surgery and another implant.

Sometimes the foods we eat can affect our health regardless of what we do in the way of taking vitamins or supplements. At the suggestion of once again changing his diet…getting away from breaded, fried foods and eating baked or broiled meats…the response was the same. No, his decision was not a positive one. Not wanting to make a change was the final answer.

Mending a broken heart that doesn't want to be mended has been the hardest part for me to deal with emotionally.

Then there's my #3 friend, Pete!

Pete is a quite a bit younger than my other two friends being in his mid 20's. Pete is choosing to take the approach I prefer…prevention.

You see, Pete has been watching his relatives. Seeing what has happened to his aunts, uncles, grandparents and parents…just like me. He has seen a pattern in their lives, health and deaths.

Pete has chosen to eliminate and make changes to his diet before something happens to him that he can't reverse, change or control. He only made one small change…well, for some it is big, not so much for me though. Pete gave up beef.

Now, he is not vegan…but, he only occasionally has a small portion of beef and never on a regular basis. He eats plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables daily, watches his cheese and dairy intake and drinks plenty of fresh water.

He has rid his body of processed sugar and corn syrups, yes, including any Starbucks. Can you believe it?

Something I noticed about Pete that is very different from other people, both men and women is his skin….it is perfect. Without the extra sugar, fat and chemical laden processed foods, our skin can be gorgeous too!

The only thing I can not convince Pete of is to use nutritional supplements. He is convinced that the foods he eats are rich in vitamins, minerals and all the nutrients he needs for vibrant, good health.

Sadly, in today's world this simply isn't true. But, at least he is choosing to watch his diet. Maybe one day he will learn that he needs to use nutritional supplements, too.

Three friends, all different…

One friend waited too long, but then corrected his direction, improved his health, lifestyle and is enjoying that lifestyle to this day. He is doing all that he can do for his heart's health…diet, supplements and rest.

One friend waited too long and did not want to change his direction, this makes me very sad…but, it's his choice. He is making an attempt, but shorting himself the benefit of helping his body by eliminating a fatty diet.

My third friend chose a totally different path, but one that suits his lifestyle, family history and he's okay with it. He has chosen two out of three…a great diet, exercise and rest…but lacking a good vitamin and nutritional supplement program.

As for me…

I've combined all three approaches when it comes to my health. In the beginning I was simply sick and tired of being sick and tired. I just wanted to feel better, have more energy, and be able to play with the kids.

As time went on, I gained more energy and knowledge. As I felt better I wanted to start learning more about nutrition, I wanted to feel even better.

Change for me was a slow process, but today my portions are smaller. I do my best to balance each meal with fruit, vegetables and less meat, dairy and starch. Snacks and treats are fewer and further between. I've learned to eat to live instead of living to eat!

Exercise is working it's way into my life, one fun game at a time…it's addicting…the better you feel, the better you want to feel.

Like my friends, I don't want to go down the path of my family…cancer, heart disease and stroke. What about you?

Stop the family traditions of unhealthy eating and living. Join me today, start mending your broken heart or that of a loved one.  

Share this information and these stories with someone you care about. You might save someone's life and mend their heart that they don't even know is broken yet.

Here to Serve,
Carla J Gardiner
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