Who is the fiery grandma?

Carla J Gardiner

Here’s a little peek inside my personal and professional life. It may be crazy, wild, and hectic… but, it’s my life and I’m pulling back the curtain to share the real Carla with you today.

Personal History

I have been happily married to my husband, Rich since 1979. Rich retired after working 40 years in a local lumber mill. Now his title is “Mr. Mom” taking care of the household duties, and he really does a GREAT job; while I bring home the bacon.

Our daughter Jeanette has been married since 2002 to her husband Nathan. Nathan is an entrepreneur serving in the consulting realm while Jeanette is a stay-at-home mom, homeschooling and raising up our four rambunctious grandchildren.

Our son Daniel and wife, Larissa have been married since 2015 and are both postal workers, delivering our mail via USPS. They have four energetic kids together.

Rich Carla Sept 2018 sqish

Rich and I

Pyles family photo

My Daughter and Her Family

Dan and family

My Son and His Family

Professional background

As an ex-banker who couldn’t see eye to eye with the corporate world I became a self-starter. I never adjusted to the slow-paced world of the “no one cares, just getting by and no one matters” mentality of most employers and supervisors in the workforce. The best education I received was from the “School of Hard Knocks”.

I own and operate Bullseye Auto Transport, a brokerage and dispatch center and have been working from home since 2005. As most business owners do, I started my Plan B, CarlaJGardiner.com in 2010. During the past fifteen years I’ve paid my dues learning how to serve others using Network Marketing to build my business and income. My belief in equality for all, respecting our elders, using the manners we were taught and following the rules has formed the bold businesswoman I am today. 

My Core Values

I’ve created this short video so you can hear my voice as I speak from my heart.


A few years ago when the economy started to plummet my auto transport business income took a dramatic dive. Scared, frustrated and unsure of how we would replace that income I turned to the internet looking for answers, a system to help our failing businesses grow. After spending thousands of dollars, countless hours and overcoming many frustrations I finally found the missing piece of the puzzle. I found a mentor with a proven track record and results and began learning from him.

As a tenacious woman over 50 I began leading women to gain more confidence to look good, feel good and do good. I love having fun, making new friends, too. Sharing how to update your outdated wardrobes using trendy, fashionable $5 jewelry is part of the formula to look good. I learned that in order to gain confidence you must feel good as well. Sharing that information opened up a new door to help so many other women to reclaim their health, too. I’ve refused to accept the status quo.

Why the nickname “The Fiery Grandma”?

During my tumultuous journey I found myself stressed out to the max. I had allowed my career and business aspirations to consume my life. My health suffered and I nearly died because of it.

ONE decision … to shed the weight I had gained over the previous ten years for the last time changed my life. I was sick and tired of the diet roller coaster, I knew something had to change or there wouldn’t be another chance. After taking off more than 65 pounds and keeping it off for over a year the fire in my gut, my passion for life returned. Yet, I discovered another problem…replacing my wardrobe would be costly; however, updating the outdated wardrobe of yesteryear could be possible using $5 jewelry that is fun, fashionable and affordable.

I realized I had come a long way from the old, frumpy, unhappy and tired grandma of just a few months earlier. It took more than losing the weight, it took regaining my health, learning how to eat real food, get the right amount of rest and sleep to regain my confidence to look good AND feel good so I could do good for others.

Now, because of these secrets not only is my health the best it’s ever been but the fire in my gut, burns to share with others the truths I have learned. My zest for life had returned, my confidence is high, I look better than twenty years ago, my energy is that of a thirty-year old again and I’m having way more FUN.

The nickname “The Fiery Grandma” came to stick because my fiery passion for life had returned.

What does this mean for you?

You can learn how to regain your energy, like when you were in your thirties. You can get off that diet roller coaster for good and lose weight. You’ll discover what I’m using to create an ongoing income for my family, to have more FUN again so you can find your purpose and passion for life again.

You will learn how to use that passion and excitement to build a steady income for you and your family if you want to.

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