Thieves Essential Oil Spray

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  Thieves kills germs…

Bacteria can be easily spread from person to person by way of the surfaces in your home.
By keeping these surfaces clean, you are protecting your family from bacteria and illness.
Young Living’s Thieves Spray is an easy, convenient product to help clean and protect every surface in your home. This small bottle is perfect for traveling or keeping in your purse or backpack.
Want relief now? Allow me to share with you a natural convenient and easy to carry alternative. Knock out germs, bacteria and more with Young Living’s Thieves Spray with Essential Oil.


Become bacteria and germ’s enemy overnight 









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Thieves Spray 1 oz #3265
Thieves® Spray is ideal for use on door handles, toilet seats, and any surface that needs cleansing to protect from dust, mold, and undesirable microorganisms. This small bottle is perfect for traveling or keeping in your purse or backpack.

Thieves Booklet
Thieves (PDF)
How to use:Spray on any surfaces that you feel need to be cleansed, such as kitchen and bathroom counters. Not for use on infants or on sensitive areas of the body.

Pure grain alcohol, deionized water, Thieves®† essential oil blend, fractionated coconut oil and soy lecithin. Young Living Therapeutic Grade™ essential oil.
Thieves Spray #3265

Thieves Spray #3265

This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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