About Carla – THE Fiery Grandma

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Greetings and Welcome! Here’s a little peek into who I am…


About Carla



My name is Carla J Gardiner,

otherwise known as The Fiery Grandma.


Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to get to know me a little better. Nothing says slimey like receiving an email from some unknown stranger trying to sell you something, right?

So, here’s a little peek inside my personal and professional life. It may be crazy, wild and hectic…but, it’s my life and I’m pulling back the curtain and sharing the real Carla with you today.


Personal History: I have been happily married to  my husband, Rich for 34 years. Rich retired after working 40 years with a local lumber mill. Now he has taken on the title of “Mr. Mom” taking care of the household duties while I bring home the bacon.

About Carla

We have two grown children.

Our daughter Jeanette has been married for 10 years to her husband Nathan. They have given us four rambunctious grandchildren whom we adore.

About Carla


Our son Daniel is new daddy with his first baby, Lucas and two stepsons with fiancé Larissa.

About Carla

As you can see they all are the apples of our eye and my WHY for building a business.


Professional background:

I currently own and operate an auto transport brokerage and dispatch center. As any successful business owner does, we started our Plan B several years ago. Our aim was to supplement our retirement fund to ensure our golden years will be truly golden.

I am an ex-banker who just couldn’t see eye to eye with the corporate world. I’m a self-starter who couldn’t adjust to the slow paced world of “no one caring, just getting by and no one matters” mentality of most employees and supervisors in the work force. The best education I received was from the “school of hard knocks”.

I am a tenacious woman working to redefine success after 50 who has refused to accept the status quo. I am not a “women’s libber” but I do believe in:

  • equality for every person, we were all created that way
  • respecting my elders, they’ve earned that right
  • using the manners my mother and father taught me and passing it on


I’ve always loved learning. Many of my friends call it a habit, I call it fun. The more I learn the more I want to learn and share. I enjoy: 


  • traveling with my family, exploring new places, cultures and foods
  • scrapbooking the many pictures I take on those travels…they tell my story
  • reading many different types of books including the Bible, self-help books, business tips and biographies
  • building a community of friends


My Core Values

Rather than bore you with more text I created this short video so you could hear my voice as I speak from my heart.

Why I started CarlaJGardiner.com

A few years ago when the economy started to plummet my auto transport business income took a dramatic dive.

Scared, frustrated and unsure of how we would replace that income I came online looking for a mentor, a system to help our failing businesses grow.

After spending thousands of dollars, countless hours and overcoming many frustrations I finally found the missing piece of the puzzle. I found a system and a mentor that has a track record with proven results.

The journey hasn’t always been easy or on the right track, but it’s my journey that has lead to where I am now.

How did I earn the name “The Fiery Grandma”?

You see during my tumultuous journey I found myself stressed out to the max. I had allowed my career and business aspirations to consume my life. My health suffered and I nearly died because of it.

I found the secrets to regaining my energy, my health and the hope of sharing my purpose and passion with others who are just like me…something I thought I had lost forever.

I realized I had come a long way from the old, frumpy, unhappy and tired grandma of just a few months earlier.

Now, because of these secrets I found not only renewed health but the fire in my gut, just like when I was in my twenties. My zest for life had returned and I wanted to shout it from the roof tops…I knew everyone would want to feel the way I was feeling again.

The nickname “The Fiery Grandma” came to stick because my fiery passion for life had returned.


What you will learn from me is how I am using those secrets to create a lifestyle my husband and I used to only dream of.

I can show you how to regain your energy like when you were in your twenties, your health without chronic pain and symptoms and find your purpose and passion for life again.

You will learn how to use that passion and excitement to build a steady income for you and your family if you want to.

  • If you are a frustrated working man or woman who feels you’ve hit the proverbial glass ceiling, you’ve lost your passion for what you do or you know there’s got to be more to life…enter your name and email address in the form below.
  • For those men and women who have already retired there’s a place for you, too.  Recapture your reason to get up out of bed in the morning and help your friends and family to do the same…enter your name and email address in the form below.


Let’s connect and get to know one another better. Maybe, just maybe you’ll find your greater purpose here with me.

Join me and our community of working men and women over 50, enter your name and email address below. I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Let’s get to know one another better to see if working together is best for you.

I’ll contact you as soon as possible

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